Sporting Visitors

A GB Athlete Visits Priory Junior School

On the 6th November a Great Britain athlete will be visiting our school! We are eagerly anticipating which athlete they will announce and any day now we will hear who it will be. When this athlete arrives they will be leading a whole school assembly telling our students all about their training regimes, competitive accolades and determination to overcome all the challenges that modern day athletes face in order to represent Great Britain. They will then be working with individual year groups, leading an exercise session and discussing how they use a Growth Mind Set to help them achieve their goals.

The children have been given a sponsorship form to raise money for PE equipment for the school and to help support this athlete to pursue future medals! The children will be doing as much exercise as they can in order to raise money from trusted friends and family.

Thank you.

Alec Grieve and Jason Coles

BMX Champion Visits Priory
Mark Mullen, BMX Half-pipe Champion, visited us. He shared the story of his development - from being a young boy who was inspired to ride a BMX by the role models he saw on the television. He was excited by the sport and decided to give it a go - this meant a lot of practice!
Mark shared how he needed a growth mindset to keep going, to not give up - and to keep practising. This led to things not working out at times, but he never gave up. The result of which he became a BMX Half-pipe champion.
Demonstrating his sport to the children, Mark jumped over several very brave teachers! We were all inspired.
During the day, he also worked with children in Year 5 - providing them with the opportunity to practise and develop their skills. The results were stunning.

Atlantic Rower visits Priory Junior School!

Atlantic Rower, Ian Rowe, visited Priory Junior School, St Neots as part of ‘The Great Priory Fitness Challenge’ event. Ian was able to tell the children all about his epic journey in attempting to row nearly three thousand miles in the world’s toughest rowing race. The day was all about trying something new and showing children that we all can achieve incredible things. The visit has inspired everyone at the school.

All of the children had their photograph taken with the James Cracknell’s and Ben Fogle’s successful Atlantic crossing rowing boat before participating in their sponsored event, completing an exercise circuit comprising of: sit ups, leg drives, press ups, star jumps and Harvard rowing squats. Altogether, the children totalled more than 20,000 repetitions of these exercises, an amazing achievement!

During the morning, children listened to a presentation from Ian Rowe, who talked about his attempt to cross the Atlantic in world record breaking time. Ian explained to the children how ordinary people can do incredible things and that we are doing these all of the time. He also described how difficult it was to Row the Atlantic as his crew pushed themselves physically, psychologically and emotionally to the limit but how rewarding an experience it was. He explained to the children how he had achieved so much despite his crew’s attempt coming to an end with 500 miles left when their boat capsized after hitting a giant wave.

Funds raised will go towards the refurbishing the school library.

The day was a great success and everyone has been motivated to achieve great things!