Diary Dates

Diary Dates - Summer 2019
 Year 6 SATs week  13th - 17th May
 Yr 3/4 Tri Golf Tournament  14th May
 AG6 St Neots Library Visit  20th May
 CS6 St Neots Library Visit  21st May
 Yr 5 West Stow Trip  21st May
 Yr 3/4 Tennis Tournament  21st May
 Parents Coffee Morning  21st May
 Football Tournament  22nd May
 Community Sports Fair  22nd May
 Professional Day - School Closed  24th May
 Half-Term  27th - 31st May
 Yr 6 Residential Week 1  3rd - 7th June
 Yr 6 Residential Week 2  10th - 14th June
 Yr 4 Residential Week 1  10th - 12th June
 Athletics Tournament  11th June
 STEM Club Science Tournament  12th June
 Parents Forum  13th June
 Father's Day Lunches  13th - 18th June
 Yr 4 Residential Week 2  17th - 19th June
 Yr 6 Maths Challenge  20th June
 Yr 3 and Yr 2 Story Morning  21st June
 Parents Do Day  25th June
 New Parents Coffee Morning  27th June
 Secondary School Transition Days  2nd and 3rd July
 New Classes Morning  3rd July
 Summer Fete  5th July
 Sports Day (morning)  9th July
 Reserve Sports Day (morning)  10th July
 Yr 3 and Yr 2 Sports Afternoon  12th July
 Reports Sent Home  12th July
 Yr 6 Leavers Play  17th July
 Yr 3/4/5 Disco  18th July
 Yr 6 Leavers Disco  18th July
 Yr 4 Cambridge Trip  19th July
 End of Term  24th July
 Autumn Term Starts  4th September