Cross-Country Championships 2023
Well done to all the children who took part in the 2023 Cross-Country Championships on Tuesday, 16th May. You were all amazing!
The event, as usual, was a huge team effort from many members of the local community. As part of this, Sean Rose, local Paralympian, opened the event and presented the prizes to the winning teams. 

We organise Cambridgeshire Primary School's Cross Country Relay Championships each year. We are fortunate to be located close to Priory Park which is a fantastic location for this event. Just over 900 children join us from across the county, and all compete tremendously well.

We are very proud of this event, with many members of the community working together to make it successful. These include Riverside Runners, Nice Tri, St Neots Football Club, Longsands Academy, Friends of Priory, the staff of Priory Junior and the local police.