How to Report a Concern

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming and approachable school - where we would hope that all parents would feel happy to approach us with any questions they may have.
Depending on the nature of your question / concern, the following information should help you to find the right person to discuss it with.
Do you have a suggestion?
Please let Mrs Keefe, the Headteacher, know. You can do this in writing, by email, or by stopping to chat when she's out on the playground.
Do you have a question about your child's classwork or homework?
If you are not sure about part of your child's homework, or classwork - please speak to your child's class teacher who will be only too happy to help. There are many ways to do this - you can put a note in your child's log book to ask a quick question, or request an appointment. Alternatively, you can drop in after school to ask them. If the question needs a longer time, your teacher may make an appointment with you - so they can give you the time you need.
Is your question related to Special Educational Needs?
The first person to talk to will be your child's class teacher. However, you may also wish to talk to Mrs Durham - our SENCO. To do this, it is best to make an appointment through the school office.
Is your question related to medical needs?
If your child has a specific medical need that you wish to discuss, you can talk to Mrs Austin at the school office. She will be able to assist with information such as asthma, or medication. If the need is more complex, she will make an appointment for you to see the appropriate person in school who can help.
Is your question related to payments for trips, The BASE or dinner money?
For any questions relating to payments, please speak to Mrs Mulgrew, our finance assistant.
Are you looking for lost property?
We have a store of lost property by the playground doors. In addition to this, if any lost property is found in the upstairs cloakrooms, they have their own lost property store there too - this helps us to keep the property as close to its owner as possible so it is easy to re-unite them. You are welcome to come and look in these with your child - at the end of school each day.
Do you have a question about instrumental music lessons, or after-school clubs?
Please speak to Mrs Austin, in the school office.
Do you have a question about school dinners?
Please speak to Mrs Mulgrew, in the school office.
Are you worried about your child emotional needs eg. worried they are anxious, or not wanting to come into school, or being bullied?
Please speak to your child's class teacher in the first instance.
Would you like to make an appointment with our Family Worker?
We are fortunate to have a Family Worker (Lorraine Simons) who visits the school every fortnight in order to meet with parents. Parents may make appointments to meet with her to discuss concerns they may have about difficulties they may be experiencing at home. Lorraine will be able to offer a friendly ear, to make suggestions to help, or provide ideas for further support.
Still have a concern?
If you are still concerned, after talking to the relevant person in school, please speak to a more senior member of staff.
For Year 3/4, you should talk to Mr Folly, our Year 3/4 Unit Leader.
For Year 5/6, you should talk to Mr Snape, our Year 5/6 Unit Leader.
If you remain concerned following this, please speak to Mrs Keefe, our Headteacher, or Mr Sadler, our Deputy Headteacher.
We will always listen carefully to parents, and try to resolve any concerns as quickly as possible.