Year 6 Viking Day

22nd September 2022

Viking Day

On Viking day 2022, Year 6 got to dress up as Viking and spend a whole day learning about them with a special visitor. Our guide was called Mildreth and she knew a lot about Vikings; particularly their everyday lives.

We dressed up as free men and women from the Viking ages and brought in props that warriors would use back in the day to raid places. The first thing we did was gather in the hall to have a talk about where the Vikings came from and went to raid, using a homemade map, Playmobil figures and a toy longboat. The next activity was an archaeologist dig to see what we could find. We then chose items and guessed what they were for.

Next, we used Viking runes to write our names and a secret message for our partner to decode. After that we acted out a story including Viking gods, like Thor. Everyone loved this as it was very funny and entertaining. The last event we got to hold and learn about were Viking weapons, we even got to experience our own mini battle with swords and shields.

In conclusion, Viking day was a success! We really enjoyed this day and hope to do something like this again.

Orla and Cayden KBS6