Year 6 Bikeability

29th September 2016

This week thirty six year six children went on a course called Bikeability. Thankfully the weather held off, and all of them had such an exciting time! They were told to dress for every weather condition and make their own decisions on what they were going to need.

On the first day they practiced skills: checking the bike using the ABC check; then they checked their helmets and made sure that they didn’t have any dangly bits. Lucy, a year six pupil, said: ‘It was really fun and enjoyable!’ They went round in circles and gave the instructors high fives which was a little bit like signalling on the road when you turn.

On the second day they hit the road and began their safety check. They learnt the snake, which is where you cycle in a long line in doubles or singles. They learnt how to stop and start their journeys as well as doing a left turn into a minor road. This followed on to the next day when they learnt how to do a U turn. Whenever they went near a car they had to give it a door and a bit more in case someone was going to open the car door. Kamile said: ‘Although it rained we all persevered and accomplished our goals.’

On the final day they learnt how to do a left and right turn; and sometimes they did a right turn then a U turn then a left turn! The instructors made it especially tricky so they could really see their skills. Another pupil mentioned that he had learnt a lot about road safety and the instructors were extremely considerate and obliging. Kyle said: ‘It was really challenging but I never gave up!’ Finally they cycled across Priory Park and had a little test on the signs of the road.

Callum thought Bikeability was a really beneficial thing and he hopes Priory Juniors will always do it.

Everyone really enjoyed Bikeability and they all will be receiving their level two certificates. All of the children would like to thank the instructors and teachers for making this splendid event happen.


Reporters: Emma and Kyle