Y6 Natural History Museum Trip

4th October 2016

Our Tremendous Trip to the Natural History Museum

On the 4th of October 2016, CS6 and KS6 took a fascinating trip to the Natural History Museum in London. The journey there was exiting. We saw the Shard, in all its glory. The coach arrived late morning.

As we entered we were astonished by the giant replica of a diplodocus which was towering over us. “I really enjoyed the day and it brought back memories of my school trip there” remarked Mrs Ralls.

The first activity we took part in was to watch the variety show. This show was all about the millions of different species and behind the scenes of the museum. We learnt about classification of species and giant squids. We really enjoyed the part in the show where we put on the 3D glasses and examined the tiny creatures and plants that the scientists used a microscope on. Lily-Mai’s favourite picture was a stinging nettles’ hair. ”It was lots of fun and I learnt a lot!” said Ella.

After the amazing variety show we stopped to have a bite to eat in the colourful cafeteria. Following lunch we had an informative guided tour around the museum. One of our stops was the creepy crawly house - when we walked through the door we were all amazed to see how much of a variety of insects there are.

Throughout our journey we encountered many fascinating things including: the different dimensions of a dinosaur, the varieties of species of birds and all the fossils which were all very unusual. Indy said “It was the best trip ever!” One of the main highlights we all thoroughly enjoyed was the realistic, robotic T-rex. ”The animatronicc dinosaur looked real!” exclaimed Callum J.

To end this captivating trip we all gathered together to have a photo taken in front of this phenomenal building. Sadly, it was then time for us to leave. Overall, the reason for this trip, to the Natural History Museum, was for us all to enjoy a different way of learning about evolution and many other natural things.

Mr Sadler commented about how proud he was of the year six impeccable behaviour.

Written by Nicholas, Year 6