Y5 Space Centre Trip

7th October 2016


 On Friday the 7th of October 2016, year 5 went to the National Space Centre! At around 9 o clock we boarded the coach. Everyone was excited to arrive. After 1 and a half hours we arrived. Everyone was glad when we got there.

The first thing we did was to eat our lunch. Then we went into the main building. The second thing we did was to go the 2nd floor. It was all about the different types of rockets there has been over the years. We also got to shoot water rockets. Next we went to the 3rd floor. It showed us what toys there had been over the years. We went into a small pod on that floor and we talked to the people on the other side of the wall.

On the top floor we had a look at an old fashion living room .We could also play a game where we landed a rocket on Mars. There was a mini cinema and it showed us about rockets. We also saw a moon that had a quarter cut out and here was a piece of moon in the middle of the model of the moon. Then we went down lots and lots of stairs.

Next we went to the ‘into the space trail’. In the trail we went into a pitch black room. In the room there was multi coloured stars .There was also goggles that if you look into them you could see dozens of stars. Then we went to ‘the forces of the universe trail. ` In there, there was a gigantic telescope and if you looked in it you can see Pluto. There was also a camera where you could change the lens to make you look different. There was also a fact file about each and every planet.

After that, we went to the ‘tranquillity` base. We went on the simulators and we also picked up mini balls and put them in another box. After that we went to the planetarium. It showed us an amazing 3-d movie all about training to go to space and what it’s like going to space.

IT WAS THE BEST SCHOOL TRIP EVER!                                        

By Bobbie and Freya