Ryan Kay Visit

6th November 2018

A GB Athlete Visits Priory Junior School

On the 6th November, we were thrilled to be joined by Ryan Kay, a Great Britain paralympian and England footballer. Ryan told us about the passion he had for his sport, and how he had worked hard to achieve his dreams, overcoming obstacles along the way. All this hard work had led to him representing England in two World Cups! 

He shared his daily training regime, his competitive accolades and his determination to overcome all the challenges that modern day athletes face in order to represent Great Britain. Ryan then spent the morning working with individual year groups, leading an exercise session and discussing how they use a Growth Mind Set to help them achieve their goals.

The children have been given a sponsorship form to raise money for PE equipment for the school and to help support this athlete to pursue future medals! The children will be doing as much exercise as they can in order to raise money from trusted friends and family.