Egyptian Day - Year 5

17th March 2017
All the year 5s came into school dressed like Ancient Egyptians. They started the day with a quick lesson on the history of Egypt. They learnt about the early Pharoahs of Lower and Upper Egypt, the two kingdoms of Egypt. Then, they split up into three groups.
One group played a game like snakes and ladders where you had to get all your pieces to the end before your partner. The other group played a challenging quiz about the Egyptians, whilst the other group looked at Egyptian artefacts.
After lunch, our groups re-united and pretended to be Ancient Egyptians. The Pharoah, Toby, was surrounded by willing servants, yet he sadly died. We all mummified him and sent him to the afterlife, with magical amulets.
At the end, we pretended to have a battle between Lower and Upper Egypt. We played a game where we threw bean bags and javelins at some fake animals - Lower Egypt won by two points. All in all, Year 5 had a wonderful day. Thank-you to the teachers who organised it and for setting it all up!
Written by William and Vinnie, Year 5.