e-Safety Information Evening

2nd February 2016
Thank-you to all our parents who attended our e-Safety Information Evening, led by Craig Thompson. Craig is an e-learning adviser for Cambridgeshire ICT Service, and he shared lots of valuable information with parents at this event.
These are Craig's top tips for keeping your children safe online:

 Find out what your child is doing online

    • Be more familiar with their online world
    • Get them to show you – make it clear from the beginning that you’re interested and would like to be involved
    • Agree rules as a family about personal information, time spent online, and contacting people via the internet.…reinforce the SMART rules

 Assess the Risks and Opportunities:

    • Where are the devices?
    • What can they do? 
    • Can your child get online in his / her bedroom? 
    • Have you enabled any parental settings on devices / the internet as it comes into the house?
    • Disable or cover webcams to avoid accidental sharing of images and talk to your child about the risks of sharing images

 Know where to go for help and advice

CEOP (for reporting when things concern you) - https://www.ceop.police.uk/safety-centre/Parents/