Anti-Bullying Theatre Show

17th November 2016
As part of National Anti-Bullying week, a range of activities took place. The children were reminded of, and explored, strategies for dealing with bullying.
The school's work was reinforced with an enjoyable theatre performance by the Playright Theatre Company, who presented the story of Robin Hood. Along the way, the children were reminded of strategies to deal with bullying.
The school has a strong Anti-Bullying policy - which can be found in our Policies section of the website.
We remind parents to report any concerns regarding bullying promptly. You can expect us to take any concerns seriously, and work with families to resolve these as quickly as possible.
This will include children being provided with a named adult who will check-in with them daily to ensure no further incidents have occurred. We will talk to all children involved and make clear that behaviour of this kind is unacceptable.