Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 page. Here you can enjoy looking at photos of our learning and access important information related to Year 4 life.  
Class Teachers
ER4 - Mrs Raw
DF4- Mr Folly
KB4 - Miss Brace

Autumn Term

The Autumn term kicks off with a bang, looking at the Norman invasion of Britain. We explore William The Conqueror’s victory at the Battle of Hastings looking at how the event was documented using the Bayeux tapestry. We will be creating our own Norman shields, writing our own story from the Knights of the Round table and building our very own Motte and Bailey castle! In the 2nd half of the term we look at life 100 years ago – as well as considering life without electricity and identifying what children did after school all that time ago, we will also be creating our own electronic board game!

Spring Term

During the Spring term we use our learning to understand the reasons and consequences of the Roman invasion of Britain. Why did they come? What did they think when they landed here? We will explore what Roman life was like, the things they ate and also consider if we would rather be a Gladiator or a Premiership footballer! In science we will explore what happens to your food as soon as it is in your mouth. We shall explore teeth, the different types and functions of them before looking to see what happens to your food as it travels through your body (some of this gets a little bit smelly and disgusting!).

Summer Term

In Summer term we look a bit closer to home, and identify why it is so many people love Cambridge. We look at the importance of the River Cam to Cambridge, and how this helped to change the city over the last 100 years. We will explore the architecture of the university buildings, using our art lessons to create water colour paintings. As part of our Cambridge topic we shall also be taking a trip to the City ourselves! This term is also the when we go on our exciting residential trip.

Half-Termly Overview
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Important Information

 We are going on our Y4 Residential after half-term, to Burwell House.

Group 1 will be away from 30th October - 1st November.

Group 2 will be away from 6th - 8th November.


Diary Dates
Coffee Morning: 18th December, 9 - 10am
Year 3 /4 Christmas Performance: 13th December at 1.45pm and 6.30pm