Year 6 Viking Day

2nd December 2016

Year 6 Viking Day

On Friday 2nd December Year 6 were lucky enough to have a Viking Day.  We all came to school dressed as Vikings.  To start the day off we all gathered together in the hall to listen to more information about them and their lifestyle.

First we unrolled a map of where the Vikings invaded and where they came from. We modelled a ship from where different Vikings came from to where they attacked around the United Kingdom.  Some came from Norway, Denmark and Sweden as known as Scandinavia.

After break we worked out Viking runes which they used in Viking times. After that we put the materials that Vikings used into an order hoping to get them correct.

To finish the day we learnt about Viking weapons and how they were used. Once that had finished we had out own battle, used pretend swords and spears.  Lillian and Amelia did some great role play.  Amelia said “It was an amazing day, I wish we could do it again!”

We thank all the Year 6 teachers and Mrs Keefe for making this all happen.

Year 6 loved it!

Lillian and Amelia