Parents Do Day

6th December 2016

Parents Do Day

Tuesday, 6th December saw our first Parents Do Day of the year. Parents were invited to join their children in class to make a Christmas decoration using measurement skills. Many parents joined us throughout the day. The report below comes from one of our classes.

‘On Tuesday 6th December 2016 LS5 had an amazing time making 3D snowflakes for Christmas. Lots of parents came to help LS5 make the 3D snowflake.  First we tidied up the classroom and got it ready for the parents. Everybody was curious about what we were making. At around 9:30 am the parents arrived.

Next we watched Mr. Smith try to make one. But sadly he failed so he put the backup video on. We ended up watching it a few times. Then, after a bit of perseverance, everyone managed to make a 3D snowflake. Grace and two of her friends managed to make a paper chain the size of the classroom. Bobbie and Lily made seven 3D snowflakes overall. Mr. Smith was happy that we had lots of 3D snowflakes hung up in the classroom and the cloakroom!  Also, the parents and LS5 enjoyed the Parents Do Day.’

Written by Bobbie and Lily