50th Anniversary

15th October 2018

Priory Celebrates 50 Years

It is a golden year for Priory Junior School, as it celebrates 50 years since it first opened its doors. The school has delved back into its archives to uncover its 50 years history, and the children are busy exploring this. There are photographs of the school being built, the first newspaper reports of its opening, and a wealth of memories that have been created by pupils and staff who have been part of the school since 1968.

This week in school began with a special birthday assembly – where present members of the school and its community marked this special occasion. They enjoyed hearing about the school’s history, and celebrating what the school means to them – a place with a strong and happy school community, with great opportunities for learning, and forming special friendships. At the end of this assembly, members of the school community blew the candles out on the specially-created birthday cake.

To mark the occasion, the children will also be involved in planting bulbs in the school grounds, treasure hunts, and interviewing former pupils to find out what life was like at Priory in 1968.

Friends of Priory will also be providing the children with a souvenir mug to take home at the end of the week.

It is wonderful to celebrate this milestone with the whole school community. Over the course of 50 years, the school has played a key part in the lives of many young children in St Neots, and continues to thrive, offering a wealth of opportunities for our children.

Wel will also be holding a community event on Saturday, 3rd November from 2-4pm. If you were a former pupil, or member of staff, you will be welcome to join the school on that afternoon to share your memories over a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Perhaps you may even find yourself in some of our archived materials.