Multi skills Event

 On Wednesday 30th January, eight children represented the school at a Multi-Skills event against other schools in the area. Schools such as Samuel Pepys, Thorndown and Huntingdon Primary were also in attendance. Priory started on the indoor curling which involved trying to move the stones into the area with the highest number of points. Following that, we moved onto two Boccia stations where we had to throw balls at targets to achieve points. After that, we had a well deserved rest station. From there, we moved onto table tennis and table cricket to achieve more points. Finally, we finished on the second indoor curling station to add to our score. 

Once all the events had been completed the results were in - Priory had placed second by just one point! We proudly displayed our silver medals around the school and the certificate has been placed on our PE awards display in reception. This means that we qualify for the next round on a county level and we cannot wait to represent the school again.