Olympic Visitors Join Assembly

13th May 2020
GB Olympians Assembly - Wednesday, 13th May

Just a reminder that tomorrow there will be a live assembly on Zoom with 2 Olympic athletes at 9am. Hopefully you have already received information about this and you are excited and ready to attend.

 If you do attend online, you won't have a video option and you will also be muted. This is so that the meeting can run as smoothly as possible. While it would be great to have you all participate visually and audibly, with so many people on one meeting, it would be tricky to hear anyone speak! If you are joining online, then you can ask questions in the chat feature. For most of the meeting, you will see the school screen and the athlete’s screen.

The meeting will be locked shortly after 9am so make sure you are ready at 9 and you have checked that your equipment works.

You will also be receiving a poster about each athlete which provides facts and information about them. Have a look at each poster and use the information to think of some really good questions you could ask them.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 9am!

A letter home on Thursday, 7th May had the details of how to do this.
Watch the video below for help with how to join the assembly too.