Choosing New Caterers

17th May 2018
Choosing Our New Caterers
We were very excited to meet with our potential new caterers - sampling their food and asking them lots of questions about the service they would provide to us.
It was great to have all the feedback from parents about the current meals, and what you would like to see improve about our provision - this helped us to put together our list of requirements for a new provider. 
Today, the school council, governors, and our senior midday supervisor were able to sample meals, and ask questions - it was a busy morning, and there was a lot of delicious food on offer! 
After much consideration, we have decided to have the Lunchtime Company provide our meals from September. They are a locally-based company - who believe strongly in children choosing with their meal with their eyes (rather than choosing early in the morning), and making sure they provide delicious and nutritious food. We are very much looking forward to welcoming them to our school in the near future!