20th June 2017

Following the school’s recent OFSTED inspection, we have received the final report and are delighted to be able to share this with you.

The visit and report confirm that the school remains good.

We are extremely pleased with the findings of the inspection which recognises the good education provided by Priory Junior School. It identifies the way that our values and vision permeate throughout the school, and the impact that this has on creating our calm and purposeful school atmosphere. It recognises the good impact of the curriculum developments that have been put in place by leadership, and how this has raised standards, particularly in writing.

Our shared and focused commitment, by staff at all levels, including governors, to providing the best possible education for our children is also recognised. We are also thrilled to see that the pride our children have in being a member of our school is also identified.

The report is a clear and strong endorsement of the school’s work, recognising Priory as a good school which has a very clear direction – building on our strengths, and continuing to develop further.