Young Voices

2nd February 2018

Choir Join Young Voices

With nervous excitement, 68 children and their teachers travelled to the O2 Arena to take part in the Young Voices concert. The afternoon was a rehearsal – meeting our conductor David Lawrence – and listening carefully to his instructions. It was a chance to get a good idea of what we needed to do in the concert itself. One of the highlights of this time was when Andy, the street dance choreographer, came onto the stage. Everyone found him really funny.

After the rehearsal, we ate our dinner, and waited for our parents to arrive. Our monster eye deeley boppers helped our parents to find us easily.

Then, the time came – the concert started! It was the most exciting time! We danced, and sang our hearts out. It was amazing! 7000 children singing together, and the on-stage performances were brilliant. It is a night that will be remembered for ever!