2020 will be remembered as one of the most extraordinary years in the history of Priory Junior School. In the spring and summer terms, the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic affected every aspect of school life.

The governors continued to meet, albeit in virtual format and to carry out our duties to support and challenge the Head and senior staff as they worked through the many issues they had to face.

We were particularly focused on the welfare of staff and children, the continuity of education for the majority of pupils who were learning at home and the arrangements in school for the children of key workers and later on the year 6 children who were allowed back into school in the summer term.

The governors were very pleased with the level of planning and attention to detail that was shown as the school began to open up again after the initial lockdown period and then over the summer holidays ahead of the full reopening in September

It was also good to see how parents worked with the school to follow the procedures, in general accepted what were inevitably difficult decisions on issues such as who qualified as a key worker and helped make the experience positive for both the children in school and those learning at home.

The governors have also spent much time and effort understanding the progress pupils are making. We want to be sure that all children are developing as much continue to improve results as a priority in the next couple of years.

I’m also pleased to report that the school’s finances remain in very good shape, notwithstanding some loss of income due to the closure of the BASE before and after school club for a period and the loss of the additional revenue from letting the building and grounds to support community clubs and events. We still have a healthy surplus and are starting to see our income normalise so we are well placed to continue to invest in the school’s equipment and of course the staff. Our financials are set out below.


Teaching Staff 


 Education Support Staff


 Other Staff


 Premises and Occupation Costs


 Learning Resources


 Professional Services

















We continue to be grateful for the work of Friends of Priory to support our work, and their contribution to the life of the school has once again been very important.

Working closely with the staff we undertook a range of visits to observe lessons and understand how the school is operating day to day.

Alongside all of this the governors have also again

.    Set a budget for the next three years and regularly monitoring performance against this

.    Monitored the school's attendance regularly and discussed strategies in place

.    Ensured the school fulfils its health and safety, and safeguarding requirements

.     Set and monitored performance objectives for Mrs Keefe