The governors have again been busy supporting and challenging the Head and senior staff to improve the standards of education that the school provides.

Priory remains very popular with parents in St Neots and has continued to increase in size. This has underlined the importance of a strong leadership team and we focused on making sure that the Assistant Heads were making the expected impact on the educational standards in the school following their introduction in the previous year.

The governors have together with the Head reviewed the structure of the school and whether a move to join or create an academy trust should be considered. We concluded that remaining an independent local authority school with close links to others including Priory Infants was still the right structure for Priory but will keep this under review in the coming years.

We are continuing to follow the priorities set out in our Strategic Plan including strengthening links with parents and were pleased again to see the very positive comments in the parents survey. We really welcome feedback from parents and for example this year we updated and strengthened our anti-bullying policy in response to specific feedback from parents

The governors have spent much time and effort understanding the progress pupils are making and were pleased to see an improvement in the SATs results for year 6 but also reviewed progress and attainment throughout the school. We want to continue to improve results as a priority in the next couple of years.

Governors have oversight of the school’s finances which remain in very good shape thanks to the success of the BASE before and after school club and the additional revenue from letting the building and grounds to support community clubs and events. The surplus is large and growing and we are reviewing options with Mrs Keefe to invest in the buildings further. We were also again able to offer the Head additional funds over and above the budget to support the children’s learning An overview of the financial results (for the year to April 2019) is set out below.


Teaching Staff 


 Education Support Staff


 Other Staff


 Premises and Occupation Costs


 Learning Resources


 Professional Services

















We continue to be grateful for the work of Friends of Priory to support our work, and their contribution to the life of the school has once again been very important.

Working closely with the staff we undertook a range of visits to observe lessons and understand how the school is operating day to day.

Alongside all of this the governors have also again

.    Ensured the school fulfils its requirements for the administration of KS2 tests (SATs)

.    Set a budget for the next three years and regularly monitoring performance against this

.    Monitored the school's attendance regularly and discussing strategies in place

.    Ensured the school fulfils its health and safety, and safeguarding requirements

.     Set and monitored performance objectives for Mrs Keefe