Another year has flown by and the governors have again been busy supporting and challenging the Head and senior staff to continue to improve the standards of education that the school provides. We all have a shared vision for Priory; we want to be recognized as an outstanding school and are implementing plans together to achieve this.

We are continuing to follow the priorities set out in our Strategic Plan including strengthening links with parents, helping them to be engaged in their children’s learning and to be demanding of the school. We have been focused on the results of the various parent surveys we run, ensuring any particular issues (such as the changes to playground routines) are appropriately addressed. We’ve also been pleased to see the success of the parents’ coffee mornings run throughout the year.

The governors have also spent much time and effort understanding the progress pupils are making in the context of the new curriculum and in particular that all groups in the school are achieving their best. Our close monitoring of progress leaves us confident of an improvement in the SATs results due in July as we apply the lessons learned from the first set of tests under the new curriculum last year.

Governors are responsible for ensuring that the school maintains sound finances overall and that spending is aligned to our Strategic Plan. Priory’s finances remain in good shape with a healthy but appropriate surplus. This year we were again able to offer the Head additional funds over and above the budget for investment, amongst other things, in IT equipment. An overview of the financial results (for the year to April 2017) is set out below.


Teaching Staff  £581,648 
 Education Support Staff £164,973 
 Other Staff £95,616
 Premises and Occupation Costs £64,267 
 Learning Resources £40,982
 Professional Services £31,141 
 Catering £19,077 
 Capital £53,841 
 Other £66,730
TOTAL INCOME £1,194,025
SURPLUS £75,750


Working closely with the staff we undertook a range of visits to observe lessons and understand how the school is operating day to day. It was also particularly nice for most of us to be able to meet and thank the staff at the end of the Christmas term.

Alongside all of this the governors have also again

•       Ensured the school fulfils its requirements for the administration of KS2 tests (SATs)

•       Set a budget for the next three years and regularly monitoring performance against this

•       Monitored the school’s attendance regularly and discussing strategies in place

•       Ensured the school fulfils its health and safety, and safeguarding requirements

•      Set and monitored performance objectives for Mrs Keefe

Finally, Mrs Keefe and I had anticipated a visit by OFSTED this year to review the progress we’ve been making and whilst as I write that has not occurred, we feel confident that the quality of the education the school  provides and the care we take of all the children will be recognised again.