Year 3 Hunstanton Trip

24th September 2015

Year 3 enjoyed their trip to Hunstanton, as part of their 'Sun, Sea and Fun' theme. Here is a postcard about the trip, written by Abigail.

'Dear Mrs Keefe,

Our amazing trip to Hunstanton was great! First we left school and got on the shiny coach. I was partners with Rudy. It took such a long time to get there and it was so exciting then Mrs Jeff put a film on. It felt about 2 hours I almost fell asleep it took so long! As soon as we got there we were so hungry so we rushed off the coach and walked over and had our lunch on the promenade. Mr Folly said he couldn’t go anywhere without his hat but it almost flew away! After a lovely lunch we walked down to the beach and our class split in half. Half did sand sculptures and the other half did sketching. We all made a big Priory Juniors 2015 out of stones and rocks. After I sketched an amazing shell, it looked beautiful when it was done. When we had all done both of the activities we walked over to get some chips in groups. When I got mine they smelt so good and tasted brilliant but the cheeky sea gulls stole some. Eventually it was time to go but we had a great time, I want to go back soon.

Love from Abigail'